Hi. I'm Nicki. Born and raised in a small town just outside the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen. Later decided to ditch the comfort and security of a nine to five and a fixed habitat in favour of the freedom and passion of a self-employed and nomadic lifestyle.

On a day to day basis I find myself doing all kinds of things related to developing web-apps, designing for screen and paper, and helping individuals and small businesses make sense of the complex and confusing digital world. For more about this you can check out our company website, Leafr (it's in Danish).

This place is dedicated to sharing my perspective on life and everything I find inspiring or interesting. It's where I give life to my passions like photography and deep conversations about life preferably in the company of good people and some coffee or a bottle of wine (probably more than one) late at night. Additionally is serves as a platform for sharing travel stories and lists of things that inspire me.

This website is my humble attempt to share with the world what is on my mind and close to my heart.

Finally, I love to exchange thoughts and perspectives so please do not hesitate to reach me by one of listed channels.


nf [at] nickifrandsen.dk
+45 2960 8301